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The Gut Check: Nutrition and Gut Health for Recreational Athletes

Kate Cline, Dietitian and Gut Health Specialist

Functional Nutrition for Functional Fitness and Functional Living! This podcasts is dedicated to active people trying to overcome digestive issues, IBS, "runners trots," joint pain, or other chronic health issues. It's a place to discuss performance nutrition, gut health, training, mindset, and more! Kate is a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and life coach helping people resolve frustrating symptoms with specialized labs and personalized nutrition planning. She shares on her own, or interviews guests to help inform people on healing lifestyles, activities, and living their best life. These podcasts are also shared in video format on her website and YouTube Channel:; Find Kate at; Facebook @kate.cline.rd; Her Professional Instagram account: @DublinDietitian; Her Personal Tik Tok account chronicling her OCR training with her partner Tyler: @TKOCR_adventures.
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